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CH4 Energy Solutions has evolved over the past 16 years and is comprised of persons expert in the natural gas industry, as well as computer software development.  The principals of CH4 most recently worked for CDS Consulting ("CDS") which provided consulting, project implementation and software customization services to participants in the natural gas industry.

In 2002, the principals of CDS attracted angel investors to finance them and in October 2002 CH4 Energy Solutions, LLC was formed.  Steven Daly, the founder of our company, a software developer by trade, worked with an LDC that served nearly 1 million customers for almost ten years.  He then accepted a position with Caminus, at the time, the largest software provider in the industry before founding CH4 Energy Solutions.  Steve acquired detailed industry and regulatory knowledge working with the LDC and continued to develop automated solutions to proprietary and industry-wide problems.  His ability to understand the complicated issues of the industry and dissect them into simple components remains unmatched.

  After several failed solutions in the early days of CDS, it became apparent that many steps of the daily routine identified by clients were being omitted.  This coupled with a lack of understanding of the industry and its objectives made success a near impossibility.  To solve the first problem we shadowed clients while they performed their daily tasks, thoroughly identified the critical steps, evaluated the potential for increased automated assistance and ultimately sat in their place to demonstrate the totality of our understanding.   We then dedicated time to reading the federal and state tariffs that set the rules and guidance for operating in this complex industry.  After several years, development became easy, we feel like we have an "unfair advantage" over competition when asked to create new systems or enhance existing processes.  Our developers are as comfortable with a tariff and regulatory order as they are with a mouse and keyboard.  There is no required translation or confusion of the industry vernacular.  Our unparalleled industry knowledge and technological expertise allows us to implement solutions in a remarkably concise development cycle.  Success is all we know, now that we have put ourselves through the rigors and challenges faced by our clients.

          Contact us and see the difference this rare combination of expertise creates.  We accept your challenge and look forward to treating you to a truly unique experience; SUCCESSFUL SOFTWARE!

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