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        The process and data definitions for Pipeline Capacity Release as defined by the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) requires more than 180 pages to explain.  CH4 has created automation to manage, clarify and facilitate the required steps of the pipeline capacity release process.

        FERC Order 637 is predicated on the concept of maximizing the utilization and revenue firm shippers are getting from their interstate pipeline capacity.  The basic idea is to move your gas, identify idle segments and offer them to other shippers in a manner that directly competes with the pipeline itself.  Unfortunately, the challenges of the job and complexity of pipeline capacity leaves little time for shippers to fully understand and perform the tasks associated with marketing their capacity.  Most companies already engage in seasonal and monthly release of their idle capacity, however, performance obligations would prohibit or dissuade them from releasing so much they are potentially unable to serve your core market.

        Proper management of your capacity using CapMan will enable you to identify idle segments and automatically prepare offers on a daily basis.  The daily market will allow you to generate revenue from capacity that previously would remain idle.  This market is especially profitable on days when you can least afford to spend any time managing a manual capacity release process.


        The system captures all the information during the offer, bid and award phases of a capacity release.  The resulting data storage provides robust detailed reporting for internal, external and regulatory consumers.  The increased revenue generated coupled with the ease of reporting make this an ideal solution for any shipper holding firm capacity.           

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