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Question Answer

Do I need to replace my gas management system to add capacity management? 

Usually not.  If your gas management system is designed using standard client/server architecture, we can integrate CapMan with your current system.

What is the expected return on investment for this software?

Our CapMan product can significantly increase the utilization of your valuable firm capacity.  If a company has $5M a month in reservation costs, each 1% increase in utilization yields $50,000 in monthly savings.

Do I need to have a gas management system to install a capacity management system?

Yes.  A capacity management system requires both infrastructure and transactional data to analyze capacity.  The transactional data comes from a gas management system.

Do I need to have a capacity management system to install a gas management system?

No.  A capacity management system is always optional.

Does CH4 sell gas management systems?

Yes.  Our TradIT system can be implemented with just the basics or fully featured as part of an enterprisewide solution.

How long does it take to implement? 

An operational system can usually be installed in 2-3 months.  The “final” version depends on the customization requested.  Our experience and exclusive service to the natural gas industry enables us to implement the software with minimal interruption to your ongoing operation and personnel.

Can my existing data be automatically imported into your TradIT system?

Yes.  We offer a service that can convert data from a previous gas management system into our system.

Can CH4’s software integrate with financial accounting software? 

This must be analyzed on a case-by-case basis.  It depends mainly on the financial accounting software and the degree of integration.

What it the operating platform? 

All of our products operate on a standard Windows NT based platform.

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