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        CH4 Energy Solutions stands alone with its ability to provide capacity management functionality under the new rules established by FERC Order 637.  Our CapMan product and patent pending segment recognition component, allows systems using this technology to measure the impact on all meters inclusive to a contract or transaction’s path, not just its beginning and end points.  The results of processing transactions this way enables the instant dissemination of the net available capacity at every pipeline meter and allows you to review all possible segments.  FERC Order 637 states that a shipper is entitled to primary firm rights at ALL meters within its contract path.

        CapMan gives you a complete inventory of available capacity, the segments that can be created from these points and the maximum daily quantity for each segment.  The knowledge of your idle capacity translates into revenue opportunities for more trading and/or capacity release on a daily basis.  The geographical information system makes it easy to identify the physical location where these opportunities exist.    

        The idea of releasing capacity on a daily basis, in addition to your monthly and seasonal transactions, is facilitated by CapMan’s capacity release management. The arduous process of offering capacity, managing bids and generating awards is handled through CapMan’s easy to use interfaces.  If your company is currently using EDI, we can provide all the necessary NAESB EDI datasets required to fully automate this process. CapMan was designed to integrate with virtually any existing Gas Management System and will not likely duplicate the functionality of any of your current systems. Contact us for additional information and to schedule an onsite demonstration.


        This screen shows the Capacity Inventory for your pipeline transportation contracts.  Nominations, capacity awards and offers are matched against your contract entitlements.  Our exclusive segment recognition process shows that impact on every pipeline meter configured within your system.  The information can lead to additional trading by using the idle capacity which can be associated with an ICE® index to easily determine the marketability of you idle capacity. 

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