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        Consulting is ingrained to our company.  We have been exposed to every facet of the natural gas industry since the inception of FERC Order 636.  Our developers have particular expertise in the natural gas industry, many have performed gas trade-room jobs in the past.  This intimate knowledge facilitates effective communication without the frustration caused by a language (gas industry vernacular) barrier.  We like to say that our developers are as comfortable with a tariff or regulatory order as they are with a mouse and keyboard.

        Typical software companies answer each problem with a solution that fits within the framework of their existing architecture; "if your only tool is a hammer every problem is a nail."  We believe this is the reason for such a low rate of customer satisfaction and high rate of failed projects within this industry.  We understand that your company may have a significant investment in another company's products, and therefore we remain flexible and seek to provide integrated solutions. 

        Integrated solutions are custom tailored answers to your specific problems directly tied to the data in your current gas management system.  The benefit of this approach is the ability go "outside the box" to create an ideal solution without having to tear down an entire system or deal with legacy architecture.  Integrated solutions can handle a few minor tasks not currently handled by your system or the entire reporting and data exchange functionality. 

        Although your current system is most likely not equipped with geographical information, capacity management or capacity release capabilities, we could build an integrated solution that allows you a near seamless joining of functionality.  In fact, all of the modules outlined on this website could be integrated with your current system without the need for a complete system replacement.

        Contact us to review your systems and to discuss your current needs.  See the difference our expertise in the natural gas industry makes, when creating software solutions for your company.   

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