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        As the price of natural gas continues to soar,  storages are being used as a vital component of the natural gas providerís total peaking service and ability to capitalize on profit opportunities.  Knowing the inventory balance is used to help plan the source of the supply required to satisfy the needs of their end-users.    Current inventory levels impact ratchets, penalties and deliverability.   These factors are a major component of the daily planning process for gas operations, purchase and sales.  Storage numbers impact every department in the company to the highest executive levels.

        CH4 has developed automated systems that provide complete inventory analysis for both nominated and no-notice storage services.  By matching the upstream supply information from a gas management system with the actual and/or forecasted usage data from your end-user distribution systems, precise inventory analysis can be obtained using ad-hoc reports.  These system reports can be provided by any system user, formerly it took an enormous effort of talented employees crunching numbers from many sources into a spreadsheet to determine storage inventory.    This automation allows these talented individuals to apply their skills in improving the operations of your company in some other way.

This diagram shows the locations of storage facilities in the US. This diagram shows the different methods used for storing natural gas.

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