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        CH4 set out to create a commercial product that has a strong foundation, but is deliberately flexible in order to handle the proprietary needs and unique processes that are inherent to the business.  We incorporated this functionality into a quasi ASP / Software as a Service Model that the entire software industry is shifting towards.

There are two significant cost-saving benefits to the new online model.  First, a company can have access to a high performance database, a Microsoft SQL Server, without investing in expensive servers and highly paid technical personnel to manage them.  Alternatively, in cases where a company has already invested in the necessary technical infrastructure and prefers to manage its own database, CH4 can redirect the data path to your company’s existing servers.       

The Online Gas Management System was developed from the ground up using Java 1.5.  This makes system platform independent, meaning regardless what operating system your company uses, our system will run properly.  All of the modules identified on this website as part of the TradIT client/server software have been incorporated into the Online Gas Management System.

In addition to the base functionality which continues to grow as the Online Gas Management System matures, customization is also available.  When proprietary formulas and functionality are required, CH4 Energy will provide detailed design specification and a guaranteed estimate of the cost to develop it.  Giving the customer the same level of service and customization as traditional client server environments. 

To learn more about the Online Gas Management System, contact us for a free 60 day trial.  Click here to learn more about the ASP Model

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