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Expertise and customer commitment are qualities that separate CH4 from others providing similar services in this industry.  Many large companies must make decisions that favor the bottom line over customer satisfaction.  Unfortunately, this fact is one of the main causes for the alarming rate of failed system projects.  These same failed projects have ultimately lead to the demise of the large companies.  Knowing that no energy software company has been able to survive without an absolute  commitment to the customer, CH4 has structured itself properly so that customer satisfaction will always remain the top priority.  You can recognize this from your first contact with our people.

Energy software companies normally have Business Analysts who don't know the details of software development and Software Developers who know nothing about the industry.  The schism causes irrecoverable miscommunication and usually predetermines disastrous results for a project.  Our recipe is the only solution to this catch-22.  Software developers must understand the industry to be effective!

Matching our solutions to the specific needs of the customer is the primary mission of our company.  Our distinct line of commercial products is enhanced by the power of our patent pending segment recognition process and geographical information system (GIS) technology.  With GIS, we have found that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Whether client experience is one day, one month or twenty years, when they view the transactions on our integrated map, they immediately gain a better understanding of transportation capacity and discover opportunity never realized before.

Energy Solutions provides natural gas and transportation capacity management software that can have your company running at the peak of efficiency.  Our developers are required to have expertise in the natural gas industry and many have held positions in local distribution companies (LDCs), marketers or other active industry participants.  Explore the site to read more about us and our way of thinking, then contact us so that we can provide a no obligation demonstration of the difference this rare combination of expertise makes.

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